How Owning A Cat Can Dramatically Increase Your Health



Owning a pet is not bad for the heart – physically & emotionally. Only 15 to 30 minutes of quality time with a cat can foster your creation of ‘feel good’ serotonin while reducing your cortisol output. High cortisol levels are associated with hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high anxiety. Other health claims comprise lowered triglycerides, reduced stroke risk, and improved immune function. Anecdotal data on cats finding seizures has prompted research on cats’ skill to identify changes biochemical “odors.”

Cats purr at a frequency that is demonstrated to promote bone healing in patients with breaks. Studies have also demonstrated that nursing homes letting cats within their patients’ treatment have drug prices that were lower than facilities without cat pet therapy. Having a cat snuggle with you can allow you to, petting a cat or having the ability to care for an animal feel better while reducing your amount of anxiety. Anyone’s disposition is instantly improved by playing ‘chase the laser pen.

Cats can be especially encouraging during times that are difficult. Individuals in mourning report speaking with their pet helps work out their feelings, since cats do offer alternatives and won’t judge; they only listen & adore – both calming to your head.

Having & caring for pets also can raise kids’s awareness of empathy – issue for demands and the feelings of others – that transfers for their interactions with other kids. An increasing amount of studies are focusing on this ‘pet variable’ in helping autistic kids cope with communicating and societal interacations. Kids raised while caring for pets are also demonstrated to have higher self esteem, co-operation abilities that were better, more openness to share and a greater sense of responsibility. And can recall feeling that their pet was the only one who really understood them.

It’s best to remember that if you take care of your cat, it will take care of you. An example can be providing your cats with toys or keeping them healthy by properly providing them running water, a good guide that shows the best cat water fountain for your own cat.

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